dreams come true

Waiting At The Station

      Picking Wild Blueberries (Oregon Tales) Chapter One – Waiting at the Station   Once upon a time, when I was very young, I dreamt of Oregon. I can’t remember why exactly but when I try to dial back the cobwebby years, all my mind’s eye can see is the rugged Oregon coast, […]

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Half In/Half Out – A Vulnerable Time

      “Yes, I Can” Diary January – Embrace My Vulnerability #3 1/25/13 Unexpectedly, as I sit down to write this morning, I find my eyes welling up with tears. Hmmm, what’s that all about? I guess I’m feeling more vulnerable than I was letting myself know. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened […]

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Sharing The Dream Interview – Kim Shannon

One of the remarkable things that happen when you begin to love yourself is that dreams you might have abandoned, given up on or even forgotten start to come true.  By unconditionally opening the door to ourselves we begin to unlock all the possibilities we were blocking through our own self-judgment and rejection.  As we […]

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