The ABC’s of Self-Love


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Author’s Reflection:

In my book, The ABC’s of Self-Love, corresponding to the letters of the alphabet, I chose 26 ways to love yourself. While there are many more, I carefully selected those that are not only necessary to self-love, but also, the most impactful. Of course, sometimes the alphabet got in my way (like wanting a “d” word to start with an “m” or trying to be creative with “x” and “z”) but with a bit of metaphor and imagination, I was able to include almost all of those that would make the biggest difference.

Why? Because by embracing each of these words as way showers, they became pivotal catalysts and game changers in my own life, opening doorways to the kind of love, happiness and peace that I would have never otherwise known. Further, I have been blessed to witness the same miraculous life shifts in everyone I have shared them with, either personally or professionally, for over thirty years.

I have said this before, “learning to love myself saved my life,” and it can save yours too. Each of has a secret stash of crap that we deny, stuff, hide, bury, ignore or gag. We have been schooled to show up in the world a certain way and if we are a hair off that ideal, we divorce those parts of ourselves in order to survive, in order to fit in, in order to feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, at least in the long term.

What happens is that we begin to disassemble, as it is hard to live in a state of mutual exclusivity in the same body. The rejected parts of ourselves are a part of our life force just as much as the accepted parts are and without them, it’s tantamount to cutting our inalienable rights to a full oxygen supply. We have turned on ourselves and sooner or later the rift will become evident.

How? Well, in so many ways…the variables are as complex as we are, but the most obvious and common ways we begin to leak or shut down are as follows:  All illnesses have an emotional component at their core and the absence of self-love shows up more often than not. Depression, anger issues and addiction invariably lead back to negative feelings about oneself. Bullying, being critical and judgmental, lack of self-confidence and self-worth are all a part of the package. The inability to thrive, to succeed, to manifest your dreams, to believe, to be satisfied, to positively create, to love, to be loved, to connect, to receive, to know prosperity, to experience joy, and to feel free are just some of the symptoms of not loving yourself.

Sure, there can be other contributing factors, but at the very bottom you will always  find a dearth of self-love. But it’s important to note that it matters less where you lost it, more, that you are ready to find it and that’s where you begin. Once you are on self-love’s trail, it will pretty much do the rest, because when you start to feel good about yourself, you become unstoppable and everything in your life conspires to create more of this goodness.

And that’s why I write about it, talk about it, live it, dream about it and share it. As we begin to love ALL of ourselves, we can’t help but begin to love one another. Differences become appreciated rather than maligned as we see them from our expanded vision and awareness of ourselves. We are drawn together rather than apart and we desire that connection and the positive creativity that is born from it.

From my perspective, this is the path that will lead humanity home to its greater self. Self-love is the ultimate kiss we all desire. As we claim ourselves in love, we claim each other. Finally, we each know we are the love and therefore we know we are one. In giving self-love to ourselves we can’t help but give it to one another. You are the love. Pass it on.


How can you love yourself today?

Falling in love with yourself isn’t narcissistic, selfish, arrogant or egotistical. Being self-loving means taking care of you, taking responsibility for you, respecting you.

Oprah Winfrey said, “In every aspect of our lives, we are always asking ourselves, How am I of value? What is my worth? Yet I believe that worthiness is our birthright.”

Self-love is the foundation of how we feel about ourselves. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t truly know your full value and worth as a human being. As you learn to love yourself, you build self-confidence and self esteem.

Also, in order to truly love another person, you need to love yourself first.

The ABC’s of Self-Love is a 100-ish page how-to book on learning to love yourself. 26 self-love tools, that when put into practice, will help you embrace all of you and to confidently say, “I love myself.”



“I love this book because if more people truly loved themselves the obstacles to success would melt away. If you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, all your romantic relationships will ultimately fail. If there’s a constant inharmonious melody of negative affirmations playing in the background of your mind, you won’t be able to succeed at anything be it love, getting ahead in your career, or having good health.

In the ABCs of Self Love: 26 Ways to Love Yourself Today, Mimi Shannon gives you easy and fun suggestions on how to love yourself. If you’ve always felt that no matter what you do, true happiness is out of your reach, this book will show you how to find happiness once and for all–no matter what is happening in your life.”  ~ Kimberly Pryor ~ Author of: The Indestructible Relationship

“Mimi and I live in different parts of the world yet our stories and our mission overlap and seem inextricably linked. I LOVE this book. Mimi writes with such love, positivity, clarity and obvious passion. Her words are so inspiring and have pushed me even deeper (I didn’t think it was possible) into my own self-love journey. I gulped this book down in one sitting and I know I will be returning to it time and time again. Thank you and bless you Mimi for writing such a great book, your light is so appreciated by me.” ~ Ani Richardson ~ Author and Creator of: Nurture With Love

“I love how, in this book, self love is broken down into the letters of the alphabet. Twenty-six tangible ways to love ourselves – each ending with a thoughtful question. I believe that we attract into our lives what we feel we deserve, and Mimi’s book is a wonderful resource for helping us internalize our worth and realize that loving ourselves is the foundation for living a beautiful life.” ~ Jodi Chapman ~ Creator and author of: Soul Speak

“The ABC’s of Self -Love – Mimi Shannon’s brilliant book had me at B! What a meal to go all the way to Z with self love and realize what a feast I had partaken in.
I feel full to overflowing with ways to know how to give myself all I need in a moments notice! Thank you Mimi Shannon” ~ Susann T. Shier ~ Creator of: Soul Mastery

 “I didn’t really know what self-love meant until I read Mimi’s book. She breaks it down into easy to understand parts that give you the tools to start loving yourself today. This book has inspired me to start practicing the ABC’s of self-love and is helping me remember that I can live my life the way I’ve dreamed about.” ~ Jenny Jen

 “This book literally goes through all 26 letters in the alphabet and has heartfelt/thoughtful advice on SELF-LOVE. “A” Acceptance, “B” Big.. and so on. Mimi Shannon is not afraid to tell her own journey to self-love, because honesty and full transparency is needed when learning how to LOVE yourself. Most people don’t recognize the power of self-love and don’t realize that’s what is holding them back. Mimi takes the ‘dirtiness’ out of self-love and shows how it helps in all areas of life.” ~ Rose T.