SHINE Cards™: A Woman’s Guide to Herself
123 Aspects of What It Means to Be a Woman


From my heart to yours…I wish I had had a set of SHINE Cards early on the road to loving myself. To me, picking a shine card affords me the opportunity to slip out of my same old, same old (often negative and limiting) opinions of who I think I am and lovingly try myself on in a new way. By pulling a card, I have invited a special (and often undiscovered) part of me to show up, a part of me who wants more air time, who needs more love and attention. They make me smile. They make me SHINE! They make a huge difference in my life and in the lives of countless other women. They’ll do the same for you too.





SHINE Cards are a creative, positive, fun tool. They can help you on a daily basis access parts of yourself that need more of your attention and expression. All women share these 123 aspects and all of them work in concert giving us the foundation to live the lives of our dreams. If we aren’t utilizing one or two or ten aspects then we aren’t operating on all cylinders, we aren’t fully engaged. Want to know what gets in the way? You guessed it–limiting beliefs!

SHINE Cards can be proudly displayed on the corner of your desk, or at home on your alter or coffee table. Pick a pretty bowl, put em’ in and you’re good to go. SHINE Cards can be picked once a day, once a week, or once a month and even on special occasions. The typical question women ask when shuffling through is, “What aspect wants to come forward right now?”

The SHINE Cards include 123 different cards and a companion book providing insight and an explanation of each card.

SHINE Cards are great gifts for you, your mom, your daughter, your co-worker, your boss or any fabulous female in your life.

They cost $17.95 plus tax and s/h.
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