Self-LOVE Boot Camp – Your Body Is Your Temple Not Your Trash

by Mimi on April 17, 2014



body is your temple



Welcome to Self-LOVE Boot Camp aka How To Have A Love Affair With Yourself

(A weekly series of treasure, tips, tools and tidbits for the adventure)

You’ll know you’re falling in love with yourself when… You catch your reflection in a mirror and immediately smile because you’re glad to see yourself.” ~ MCS


#4. Self-Care “SIZZLE” (aka treating your body as your temple not your trash)

One of the hallmarks of not loving ourselves is our dysfunctional and adversarial relationship with our body. It can take many forms: the severe, such as an eating disorder, the extreme, such as self-mutilation or the seemingly less innocuous, such as obsessions with everything from our flabby thighs to our small boobs or big booty. When one is disenfranchised from themselves, by and large they are at odds with their body as well.

When I began my own journey to self-love, I hated my body and did absolutely nothing to nourish it. I didn’t listen to it, feed it properly, rest it when necessary, or understand what its needs were. I had no idea where to begin to show it some real care, some real loving. I did the Mirror Exercise but I needed something more, activities that were body-centric.

I began by using the analogy of dating someone and transposed it to dating myself. In a positive dating situation you expect to be shown attention and affection so I decided to do the same for my body. I began to look for things that would be good for my body that would make it happy. I began to understand that by taking care of it, I was showing myself that I was worthy of love.

Learning to love my body didn’t happen over night, it was a process. But, every bubble bath by candlelight, every change I made to my diet, every nap I reluctantly took and every massage I finally learned to love, all contributed to forging an unbreakable bond. We became friends and I learned to treat it accordingly.

What would self care look like to you? Here are a few of the things I have done over the years that to me fall into that category…

  • Bubble baths by candle light and soft, romantic music
  • Getting enough sleep (i.e. put the book down or tape the TV show and go to bed when you’re tired!)
  • Massage (hot rocks and reflexology are faves)
  • Relax – call a moratorium on “to do” lists and just “BE”
  • Facials – OMG, a good facial makes my body purr
  • Mani/Pedis – my old stand by – never fail to get me in sync with my body
  • Hot tub/sauna
  • Exercise – Take up a new sport, go to the gym, hike, take long walks, swing on a swing
  • Smile at yourself in all mirrors, windows, ponds and shiny objects.
  • Take a dance class
  • Have your hair styled/colored
  • Try on a sexy dress or lingerie and stand in the store mirror saying I love you.
  • Hug yourself…a lot!!! 2nd best…Get out in nature (use any excuse) and hug trees. They hug back!
  • Acupuncture…your body will clap…this beats taking a pill any day of the week.


I can’t wait to hear some of your sizzling self care stories, and if you liked this post please share the LOVE on Facebook and Twitter too. Thanks!

XXOO – Don’t forget to LOVE yourself today!

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