Self-LOVE Boot Camp – Seeing the Glass Half Full

by Mimi on May 1, 2014





Welcome to Self-LOVE Boot Camp aka How To Have A LOVE Affair with Yourself

(A weekly series of treasures, tips, tools and tidbits for the adventure.)


“There’s nothing more bad-ass than being who you are.” ~Darren Criss


#5. Seeing the Glass Half Full

We have all heard this phrase many times but how many of us live it? We might like to, we might even aspire to it, but the backwash of life has a way of getting sand in our eyes, sweeping away our best intentions to keep focused on the prize rather than what’s in the way. But here’s the good news, and even though it may sound too good to be true, I assure you it isn’t…When you start to love yourself your entire relationship with life and the world in general shifts in the most profound and often unexpected ways.

One of the most obvious and immediate changes is negativity in any form begins to transmute into positivity as we begin to see ourselves through new glasses. Rejection becomes acceptance, discontent becomes appreciation and misunderstanding becomes forgiveness. Caterpillars become butterflies.  As the magic happens in our own mirror, it is reflected outward.

And before we know it, half empty becomes half full, victims become their own heroes, Murphy’s law becomes Murphy’s opportunity and there is treasure in every moment. Quite simply, it turns out that as we see the beauty in ourselves, we are able to see the beauty all around us. And this becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy we’ve dreamt of.

Here are a few things that may help as you begin to get the sand out of your eyes…

  • Happiness Minutes – I was shocked when I first began the road to self-love by how sad I was and how it colored so much of my view of what was possible. I wanted to override it at first, but as that wouldn’t have been very loving I gave it space to be but I balanced it with happiness minutes. Happiness was clearly a muscle I needed to build so I’d time myself to see how long I could hold happy thoughts. (no joke!) My progress was checkered to begin with but it didn’t matter, the positive energy created its own momentum and eventually sadness wasn’t a way of life anymore.
  • “The love in me salutes the love in you. This is a version of Namaste which I personally love and silently use all the time. It is hard to stay in a negative space when you are coming from this place of knowing and feeling we are all love.
  • Rephrase your thoughts – Start to recognize your limiting/negative thoughts such as: “I can’t do this. I don’t know how. I shouldn’t. I should. I screwed up. I look silly. People will laugh. I’m too tired. I look fat. My nose (etc.) is too big.  I’m not smart (pretty, good, rich) enough… and many, many more including any sentence with but in it (substitute and). In the beginning carry a notebook and write them down as it will help raise your awareness to the extent of your own trash talk and how grimy it is. (I was humbled and horrified.)It will also help you think of ways to reword them into positive statements that can become part of your new loving and supportive inner dialogue.
  • Banish Worry – Worry, by definition, is fear driven and focuses on negative possibilities sucking energy from the very things we want and giving it to the very things we don’t want. Lose it and see how your life changes.
  • Protect yourself from negativity i.e. the news, angry people, people who suck your energy, naysayers, drama. Surround yourself with what feels good and let go of everything that doesn’t.


I look forward to hearing your glass half full stories here as sharing is a way for all of us to grow. And, if you liked this post, I encourage you to share it as well on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

XXOO – Remember to LOVE yourself today! You deserve it!






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