It’s All Good in the Hood

by Mimi on June 2, 2015

Mr Rogers All Good copy


Picking Wild Blueberries (Oregon Tales)

Chapter 2 – It’s All Good in the Hood


Hi everyone…

Mt Hood from Westside TrailYour modern day pioneer woman is at last here in Oregon just beginning to live her blueberry dreams! (please join me in my BIG grin) I’ve landed safe and sound in Hood River and can’t resist saying, “It’s all good in the hood!” (please forgive the pun) and everyday it seems to get “gooder”!

While I never thought I would be quoting Mr. Rogers (or knew he coined this phrase), it seems weirdly appropriate as his hallmarks of authenticity, sincerity and friendliness seem to be the way things roll around here. Perhaps it’s the small town vibe; perhaps it’s the ease and contentment that emanates from the land all around; perhaps this is just where I’m meant to be right now; I’m not sure…but I sure like it!!

Today, Friday, May 27th, marks my three-week anniversary here and I can hardly believe it especially as I spent April questioning whether it would ever happen. But when the train finally arrived in the station, without further ado (since everything was long ago prepped and ready), I left soon thereafter.

After some mother/daughter tears (good byes always get me!), my grin returned and I gaily pulled out of the driveway feeling very gypsy with my car filled to the max with dog, cat, plants, computer, last minute flotsam and jetsam and pillows in case I had to sleep on the floor when I got here. Fight Song by Rachel Platten happened to be cranking on the radio, the clock read 11:55 (#’s meaning: your thoughts and ideas are bringing about much needed changes in your life) and I immediately began to feel a distinct lightening of my own energy, let alone the energy around me.

FIVE AMERICAN WHITE PELICANSWhen five (number of change) white pelicans did a grand flyover a few miles later I was stoked. Even though I couldn’t remember their shamanic symbology in the moment, I have always loved their magic and knew their salute had some personal significance. But I soon forgot about them when I slammed into Noah’s epic rain event (the one which continues today) and it followed me (literally) all the way till the Oregon border, when the sun miraculously came out and lit the rest of the way to Hood River.

In short, until then, in spite of my happy heart, it was a grueling trip as I often drove blind trying to stay alive in the backwash of all the long haulers, not something I recommend or choose to repeat! Needless to say, I had lots of time to ponder if the Universe was trying to tell me something like, “Turn back you fool, why do you think you get to live your dreams?” but when the skies cleared as I entered eastern Oregon, I had no doubt I was being welcomed home. It was then that I received the pelicans’ message. Their gift was to stay buoyant through the deluge as it represented a final purge of all that could weigh me down in my new life. Deep sigh!

My NestSo I drove across Oregon feeling like one does after a cleanse, but since I had been in no mood to miss the train when it finally showed up, I had essentially rented my new home sight unseen (except for the fastest and choppiest FaceTime on record when my son buzzed through it for me and gave me a thumb’s up). As a result, I drove up to it with not a little anxiety about what I might have gotten myself into. But, since I am committed to living in trust and creating my new life accordingly, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the five (here’s that number again) stately pine trees (symbolism: birth, abundance, health, good fortune, fertility and love) that surround and guard it (it’s truly like living in a tree house) and the condo itself is “just right” as Goldilocks would say. Yup, I think the grin may be permanent!

The movers actually beat me here and anxious to get to their next destination started to unload within an hour of my own arrival so I fell into my own bed (with  those pillows) that first night a very happy and grateful camper. And it’s been kind of like that ever since…Synchronicities keep showing up when least expected and of course just when I need them and while I had a totally bizarre interlude as a total klutz (which I can only figure was some crazy unraveling of old stuck energy) while I was in the midst of unpacking and really getting grounded here, it has all been seamless.

The trails here run the gamut of experiences so I feel like I died and went to heaven everyday as I hop onto one to discover its treasures. You can go from wildflower meadow to mountain in a nano second, from creek to rapids before you know it, from heavy forest and single-track trails to the ridgeline with views of forever without too much panting. Today I saw Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier all in the span of an hour. Coolio! To my delirious delight and surprise, Cottonwoods (associated with: spiritual growth, awakening, truth & blessings) grow here in Oregon as well, and as I have long held them as family, my bliss is truly complete.

Higher MeemaTalking about family, one of the biggest unexpected bonuses of my new place is that it’s all of three blocks from Emme, my heart of hearts grandbaby. I get to see her quite often and have loved being here for her first steps (just this week), teaching her to blow kisses, and mealtime which is more accurately described as a food bath! She’s a full speed ahead, exuberant, loaded and ready for life, girly girl who I am clearly besotted with…can you tell?

So while I miss all of you (and think about you often), the truth is I don’t miss being there as this truly feels like home. I know I have only just begun to sink my energy in but already there is a familiar resonance that tells me I’ve lived this land before and I’m looking forward to seeing where that leads.

Blessings and love to all…I hope all is good in your hood as well.

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