Love Letter

Hi dear friends – I am beyond excited that you are here.

My name is Mimi Shannon and I have created, MeLove Letters, just for YOU!
In fact, I created it in tandem with self-love.

Art – Lori Portka


Self-love and I became partners over twenty-five years ago in an effort to save my life. It was an unlikely union as I was pretty wedded to self-hatred at the time but I was determined to live so once self-love got her foot in the door she wouldn’t let me go. She helped me beat three life-threatening illnesses but more than that, she helped me discover the source of my self-hatred which is where they had begun. Self-love then helped me find the gifts in those original wounds and build an entirely new life that reflects who I really am.

Journaling was just one of the tools I used in my own healing process so initially I wrote copiously about what self-love was teaching me about myself (with a big dose of self-hatred catharsis tossed in). Eventually, self-love became the stronger voice and began to teach me through others as well. I had a private, holistic healing practice at the time and I began to notice that the root cause of all my client’s problems (physical, emotional, mental) was the lack of self-love. By acknowledging it, the door was opened to a level of healing that had been unavailable to them before.

Through self-love I have not only witnessed my own transformation but that of many, many others. It is the answer to every prayer that I have ever uttered no matter what the question. It is the marrow in my bone, the beat of my heart, the SHINE that beams forth now wherever I go. It is my purpose, my passion, my voice. It is the essence of every human being on this earth and their birthright to know it, remember it and live it. Many people believe that self-love is selfish but that is far from the truth. It isn’t selfish, it’s the Source of who we all are.

In 2000, I wrote a book called Self-Love, The Crown Jewel (now out of print). It chronicled my journey to that point, as well as helped birth my voice, silenced early due to violence and sexual abuse. In the intervening years I steadily grew stronger but something was missing. And then, three years ago, self-love showed up in earnest once again, urging me to turn up the volume and take it to the next level by living it out loud through my SHINE. So, I began writing again, this time with more power and intention, helping myself and other women discover how to love themselves enough so that it shows…one’s SHINE.

That brings us to the present and this wonderful blog. Recently I was encouraged by some wise friends to take many of the teachings from my first book and create an updated version that will include not only inspiring stories but practical tools and examples that you can immediately put into practice. As I begin to work on this project I find myself wanting to write about self-love all the time…way more than I could ever put into a book. So it seemed obvious to me that self-love was urging me further out of my backstage comfort zone into my SHINE and this blog was born. It answers my desire to reach as many people as possible with messages of how important they are…messages of self-love.

This blog is for you and about you. It is your place to laugh, to cry, to learn, to share, to explore, to shout, to allow, to open and to do whatever it takes to discover your music and sing it. I didn’t want to die with my music still inside me and self-love has made that possible. I wanted to know and live who I was born to be and self-love made that possible too. I want you to wake up every day thrilled to be yourself, knowing that you are “enough” and eager to answer the question, “how can I love myself today?” You are beautiful just the way you are and self-love is the answer.

My hope is that you will find the perfect combination of nutrients here to help you strengthen your self-love wings and a special family to unconditionally support you as you begin to fly. One of my passions is to encourage and witness the discovery and fruition of someone’s inner light so I am excited and grateful to have you share your journey, ask your questions and tell me how you are using the tools, thoughts and inspirations you find here at MeLove Letters.

In deep honor and celebration of all that you are,

xoxo, Mimi




P.S. Here’s the plan for MeLove Letters…

It is my intention to post at least three times a week and sometimes I might even surprise you with more so check in frequently for as much inspiration and support as you can handle. For your convenience, I’ve made it easy for you to subscribe by email or RSS, so you won’t miss a beat.

Message Mondays… are all about setting your intention for the week with heartfelt quotes and inspiring self-love messages to reflect on.

Sharing the Love Wednesdays… are dedicated to guest bloggers, interviews, uplifting stories as well as videos or songs/music about self-love. You are invited to submit HERE.

Mirror Mirror Fridays… will include my writings on self-love and will vary from week to week…posts on my own journey, the “self-love is…”notebook, self-love exercises/tools and more as well as sneak previews from my upcoming book, From Shiner to Shine, A Journey to Self-Love.

Self-Love is the AnswerWeekly Forum…A “MeLove” Letters version of Dear Abbey. Submit a question via email and I will answer it here (maintaining your privacy by referencing only your user name) so that everyone can benefit.