Sharing The Dream Interviews

Finding My Aloha – Part 1

       HALEAKALA ALOHA   I have recently returned from my first Hawaiian walkabout, and while it may sound hokey, without a doubt, I know going there has always been my destiny. On the outside, my trip might appear to be quite ordinary, but on the inside, it was anything but! So, please accept […]

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Sharing The Dream – Kimberly Pryor

  I have a surprise for you today…a three-fer! My sweet friend, Kimberly Pryor, author of, The Indestructible Relationship, and creator of the awesome upcoming retreat (9/15-17) at Lake Tahoe called Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce, took a few moments out of her crazy schedule not only to talk to us and share her dreams […]

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Sharing The Dream Interview – Kim Shannon

One of the remarkable things that happen when you begin to love yourself is that dreams you might have abandoned, given up on or even forgotten start to come true.  By unconditionally opening the door to ourselves we begin to unlock all the possibilities we were blocking through our own self-judgment and rejection.  As we […]

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